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Guide to Starting a Charity in Singapore

Are you thinking of doing something meaningful with your resources? Do you have a cause that you are passionate to champion for? If you would like to raise funds for a charitable cause or to create an entity that can grow to serve a forgotten part of society. The legal challenges your Charity in Singapore […]

Common Mistakes for GST Registered Companies

With the endless regulatory changes in GST filing and requirements, there’s always a need to update one’s knowledge. If you are filing your GST yourself instead of using a professional, it is important to watch out for these common mistakes made while you are filing GST. Here, in this article, you are going to know […]

Overview of Singapore Corporate Tax and GST

Singapore is famous for its food, being a garden city, and its attractive low corporate tax rates as well. Low crime rates, the avid culture, and cleanliness attract many expats. Singapore polices are pro-business which means that there’s little bureaucracy, and its easy to get a Company set up with little restrictions on hiring. Tax […]

Grants for Business Start Ups In Singapore

Starting a business has never been easy. Be it formulating an idea or getting the funds; an entrepreneur faces many challenges during his business put up. And, if you don’t get the right support, it only adds to the many challenges. This is why Singapore, being one of the best countries to start up a […]

How Can Cloud Based Bookkeeping Transform Your Business?

Cloud computing is changing our lives for good! Be it education, integration in healthcare, or eCommerce businesses; cloud computing is significantly impacting numerous fields. With its ability to access software programs in real-time, cloud computing has now entered the accounting and bookkeeping field as well. Cloud based bookkeeping makes the accounting process more straightforward and […]

Should I outsource my bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is important for companies of any scale, but it is also time-consuming. Many corporations are trying to keep up with their accounting, and if they make mistakes, this can lead to a lot of problems. As a result, several people decide to outsource their bookkeeping and accounting workloads. For most business owners, when they […]

Types of Business Entities for foreigners in Singapore

Singapore is one of the best countries to set up a business. This is evidenced by the number 2 ranking in the 2019 World Bank annual ratings for ease of doing business. Whether its incorporating a company or setting up a partnership, the process is straight-forward, fast and relatively painless compared to other jurisdiction. Considering […]