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How to record Food and Beverages sales in Xero

  How to record your sales in Xero for Food-and-Beverage (F&B) businesses Xero is a popular choice for many small F&B business, as most F&B businesses do not really require complicated accounting software or a full CRM. However, the invoicing function in Xero is definitely not adequate for F&B businesses as it does not have […]

4 Common Marketing Challenges Small Business Face and How To Overcome Them

As today’s market becomes more and more competitive, small business owners face numerous marketing challenges. Unlike existing industries, fresh ones are faced with budget restrictions and may not have a large group of people to help run things. But successful businesses that have emerged recently tell us that despite these issues, entrepreneurs can overcome them […]

7 Brilliant Ways To Save Money Through Accounting Software

It’s common for new businesses these days to do their accounting work. This is why the surge of popularity on using accounting software has reached not only accounting professionals, but entrepreneurs as well. If you’re thinking of running an efficient system for your company but couldn’t fully grasp all the advantages it brings, reading this […]

Why Use the Most Up-to-Date Accounting System for Your Business?

The presence of accounting software makes it easier for businesses to manage their resources efficiently while eliminating bookkeeping errors, but Why use the most up-to-date accounting system for your business? What is the importance of having advanced software when it comes to operating business financial procedures? In this article, we’ll examine the advantages of adopting […]

Benefits of Having an Accounting System in Your Business

In every industry, accounting work is an indispensable part of a business process. Regardless of whether you’re using automated or non-automated methods, the act of recording and calculating transactions flawlessly is crucial.  Financial transactions and record-keeping for a company are closely monitored and managed by specially qualified accountants who collaborate with AIS to ensure the […]

8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Accounting Services in Singapore

The recent trend in running a business now involves availing one or more outsourced services. It can include marketing services, consulting services, software services, legal services, and even accounting services. Practicality aside, this method has brought so many advantages to entrepreneurs. Are you a fresh or an existing entrepreneur pondering if it’s better to outsource […]

When To Hire an Accountant?

For many small and growing businesses, professional accountants are usually requested only when the need arises. Due to the costs involved, hiring one falls as the last option to many entrepreneurs. Most resort to multitasking and resolving things on their own, without realizing that the attempts to save money have already led to losses from […]

Why is Singapore a suitable place to start a business?

Since the turn of the millennium, Singapore has been climbing up the ranks in global competitiveness. Where once we were ranked at a lowly 25th position back in 2003, we have now leapfrogged to 4th place in just 10 years. The World Economic Forum credits this phenomenon to our constant investments into innovation and technology, […]