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Being GST registered allows the company to claim back the GST on its purchases, thus helping the company to lower its costs. However, the company has to ensure that the returns are accurate or there may be fines incurred by erroneous submissions.

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More often than not, we witness business owners who are overwhelmed with Payroll management every month. We understand the frustration and hassle of preparing your employee’s pay, taking precious time away from managing the business. This is why here at Pikai, we offer one of the most reliable payroll services Singapore has.

In order to help you focus on growing your business without worries, our expertise includes:

  • Helping you to compute the salary and CPF
  • Track the leave
  • Apply for NS pay claims and maternity leave claims

Engage our professional payroll services and experience a worry-free month like never before. Now all you’ve got to do is concentrate on expanding your business as we provide you with the most effective payroll services in Singapore. ENGAGE US NOW.

We also offer payroll services, including management reports and employee tax obligations. We will not only perform an accurate job, but also stay up-to-date on new laws pertaining to employee payroll.

Payroll can be a headache to many companies and an internal payroll team is highly expensive to maintain. Thus, outsourcing your payroll services to our experts at PIKAI eliminates a tiresome task and also helps you save a considerable amount of money. Also, with our latest version of payroll software, you need not worry about inaccurate tax tables or payroll errors. We will ensure an appropriate calculation to facilitate the smooth running of your business.

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