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We are proud to announce that we are a certified Vend Advisor, so now we can set up your Vend account for you and manage your accounts. Having an integrated POS means more accurate and timely data is available. Access sales data and track inventory from anywhere.

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Vend is a cloud-based retail software platform, which enables retailers to accept payments, manage their inventories, reward customer loyalty, and garner insights into their business in real-time.

It’s simple to set up, works with a wide range of point-of-sale devices, and operates on any web capable device with a browser. Vend also seamlessly integrates with other fantastic business apps such as Xero, Timely and Magento.

Launched in late 2010, Vend now has more than 10,000 active users in over 100 countries and is seeing continued rapid global growth right throughout 2014.

Vend is ideal for retail POS in Singapore, as it is easy to use and simple to set up. Working with a wide range of hardware, Vend can help you get work easily with videos, tutorials and a range of support options. We understand that retail is highly demanding. However, with Vend, you will be able to easily stay ahead of the competition.

Work Offline

With Vend, you can even work offline. You can continue sales even when your internet goes down, as Vend will automatically perform the task of re-syncing your sales when you are back online.

Accept any Form of Payment

Vend works with a wide variety of merchant providers all over the world; therefore you can select the most optimal way to accept payments in your store.

Vend Runs Your Online Business

Vend will be able to connect to the business applications in ecommerce, accounting and staff rostering among others, thus helping you run your business operations online.

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