We are sure a lot of foreigners thinking of incorporating a Singapore Company is wondering which service provider they should be choosing and one of the major factors they may be considering will be the costs that various service providers charges.

It makes the comparison harder when some providers do not put their prices openly on their website (makes you think about what they are hiding) or do not declare some hidden costs. The company incorporation package offered may exclude certain services that will be essential for entrepreneurs that are overseas such as scanning of mails or accessing Singpass which requires a local person to assist to set up.

Our philosophy is that we will always want to be open with our customers, we view you not as a number of statistics but we want to develop a long working relationship so our prices are fixed with no hidden charges.

We also would like to help you make the best decision possible which is why we have prepared the following comparison so that you can see who offers the cheapest incorporation package. We did this table to show how much you will need to pay initially to register a Singapore Company.

Comparison of our prices and competitors (Comparison done as at April 2021)
CorporateGuide Singapore Sleek Osome PIKAI
Incorporation price including one year of Company Secretary 880 650 950 600
Registered Address and scanning of documents 300 240 120
Scanning of mails 120
Nominee Director 1800 1500 1800 2000
Compulsory to take up accounting package with them 1200 900 800 600
Deposit 1800 2000
Package Discount -400 -120
5,800 5,350 3,390 3,200
Other misc charges
Physical presence for account opening 200
Appointment of foreign shareholder/director 150
Multi-currency required for accounting package 200
Corppass 100
5,950 5,550 3,690 3,200

A note that in the selection of the various providers to compare our offering to, we search for “Singapore Company Incorporation” and chose the top few results.

As you can see, Pikai offers the best value package for the incorporation of Singapore Company among the few other services providers that we compare to. Our prices are almost 86% lower than the most expensive provider. Not only are our package the cheapest, the average length of engagement of our clients with us is more than 5 years which speaks to our dedication to providing what is best for our clients.

If you are interested to take up our incorporation package, do drop us a note at <insert contact us form>

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